Mission, goals and objectives

Our mission - creating a new professional values through implementation of high international standards of accounting and auditing profession to improve its status in society and for its recognition by global professional community.

Our goal  - improvement a status of the accounting and auditing professions in society, quality of professional services our  members and assistance with the reduction to practice accounting and auditing the best international professional standards.

Our objectives:

  • Achieving an international recognition of Ukrainian experts on accounting and auditing fields;
  • Strengthening and improving a status of the profession of an accountant and an auditor;
  • Promoting improvement of professional legislative environment
  • Protecting the legitimate rights and interests of our members;
  • Developing and implementing own programs of voluntary professional certification our members that meet international best practices for professional education of accountants (auditors), including the requirements of an International Education Standards IFAC;
  • Forming and implementing the system of continuing professional development of our members;
  • Developing international cooperation