It is possible to serve companies of public interest, keep clients in conditions of instability and expand the boundaries of their projects not only by complying with laws, professional standards and ethics, but also by properly promoting their professional activities in accordance with the new conditions. The laws of the information society require attention to communication, promotion and the formation of a positive attitude towards the audit firm, its services and staff.

There are no universal ways for promotion. For each type of goods and services there are different PR strategies.

Effective recommendations


The ratings by business publications have proved themselves very well in the field of promotion. It is very prestigious to take one of the first positions in the rating of audit firms. This fact can be used in advertising booklets and commercial offers. Being one of the ten largest audit firms, one of the twenty companies recommended by large companies, part of an international professional association that is in the top 5 in the world – adds bonuses to your image and strengthens market position in today's volatile and uncertain conditions.


Corporate publication (information bulletin, newsletter, etc.) is one of the most successful steps to promote audit services. However, when making such a decision, you should be prepared to increase costs and responsibilities. However, all this will be justified if the corporate publication proves itself well, and the board of the audit firm, which is thus trying to establish itself in the market, will head the editorial board.

Publishing will benefit the image of the audit firm. It is necessary to publish specialized monographs, which cover the problems of modern taxation, accounting or management accounting, or even the problems and prospects of the audit services market in Ukraine. At first glance, such activities may seem very time consuming and expensive, but this is not true. Each audit firm has a scientific and methodological department, whose employees mainly work on improving existing audit methods. Why not summarize their knowledge, not promote this activity? And a large circulation of the book will significantly save on printing costs.

The image of the first persons

The promotion of audit services is greatly simplified if you combine it with the individual PR of the head of the firm. This move allows you to visualize audit services and, consequently, attract new customers. At one time, such solutions were very popular in the legal services market – the owners of large law firms actively declared themselves by giving interviews to rating publications and participating in various social events. Personal PR is designed to form a positive image of the company's top executives for their effective interaction with staff, partners, customers and even competitors. In contrast to general PR, personal acts in a clearly defined corporate plane. However, this does not mean that the external environment is out of his picture. Any type of PR service involves communication with the outside world.

It is extremely important for audit firm executives who may have the potential and desire to join the new audit regulatory bodies to establish a name that is well established as a professional and reliable person.

Sponsorship and social activity

We should not forget about such an effective tool for promotion as sponsorship. The audit firm can finance an exhibition of paintings by the famous artist, the arrival of the Vienna Symphony Orchestra and even a public performance by a bandura choir. But be careful: any action should be solid and make a pleasant impression on potential customers of audit services. Large audit firms pay a lot of attention to social activities aimed at preserving the environment and maintaining energy efficient technologies. Various educational actions are also actively used. Not all segments of the population understand what an audit is and what an important social mission it carries out.

Calmness and neutrality

In general, the promotion of audit services does not tolerate anything bright, too bold and creative. The main criteria that should guide the PR are solidity, reliability, sophistication, elegance. Moreover, these requirements should apply even to small things: a classic style in the design of the office, a strict dress code of the staff, muted colors of letterheads and promotional items.

Reputation for every audit firm is the most valuable asset to keep as the apple of your eye. That is why audit firms never comment on political events. It is especially important to remember this today, when the situation in the audit market is turbulent. In general, auditors are neutral. Incorrectness or even aggression has a very bad effect on the company's image. Instead, a huge list of customers - well-known representatives of the productive and non-productive sectors of the economy - will be an additional competitive advantage of the company. It's great if the company has a habit of collecting letters of recommendation from grateful customers. There is no more telling fact that confirms the company's professionalism.

Corporate site and social networks

Do not forget about such a powerful resource as a corporate website. Most of us research online today. That is why take care not only of the quality content and design of the site, but also its visibility in search engines. A specialist who prepares texts for placement on the site should work closely with a person who knows the laws of SEO. Only in this case, potential customers will see the site of the audit firm on the first page of search engines. This can be achieved, of course, through advertising, but the effect will be short-lived.

And, of course, social networks. Today they are must have. An audit firm without its Facebook page seems, at least, not modern. Be active and interesting. High-quality and well-designed content is the key to success in the online space.

Consistency is the key to efficiency

The strategy of promoting auditing in the domestic realities is not an easy task. For it to be effective, you need to do your best. One PR manager for a large audit firm may not be enough, because promotion involves constant work. The communication program must be comprehensive, one-time measures do not give any results. Such a program includes media relations (distribution of press releases, organization of press events), organization of conferences, presentations, forums and participation in specialized exhibitions, etc.

A competent step for an audit company that has taken the issue of promoting its own services seriously would be to order a PR strategy from third-party experienced professionals. The developed strategy can be supported by internal specialists – PR specialists with little experience in the field of service promotion.

Do not expect a quick result. Under optimal conditions, the promotion will be fruitful not earlier than after two years of continuous work. And for everything to come true, first of all appreciate the staff you work with. Information (both positive and negative) has the ability to spread quickly, especially in such a close circle as auditors. And the Internet does its job. If the company's employees, even those who have long since resigned, will talk about it only pleasantly, success will surely come, and the award in the form of a huge number of solid customers will find its hero.