It's no secret that today brand is not just a company that provides products or services. In modern world individuality also becomes a brand. Goods, services, products no longer exist – brands run the show. Thanks to their power we make a choice by giving our hard-earned money for particular goods or services.

Why it is important to work on personal brand

Personal brand is an image of a person in the professional community to which they belong. This image can be anything – belonging to a certain business, company, professional qualities and skills, personality, and so on.

High competition

All businesses that operate in highly competitive environment need promotion. This is not new. Meanwhile, it is necessary to work actively not only in the direction of promoting the business but also the person behind it. Working in parallel in these two planes you can succeed faster.

Competition in the field of audit services becomes increasingly fierce, especially in these hard times we experience. It becomes harder to trust just a company. Easier if it is associated with a specific person or group of people. That’s why managers of different audit firms have realized the important of promoting not only services as such but also building a personal brand.

Claim of elitism

Moreover, an audit firms that employs ‘stars’, i.e. specialists with a strong personal brand, earns many times more than its competitor who does not care about personal branding. And, in fact, in this issue the audit is no different from other businesses. The hairdo done by a famous stylist is more expensive that the usual one, the consultation of the famous doctor or lawyer will definitely cost a pretty penny, and so on. Trust and expertise are very expensive. ‘No name’ even if a pro is poorly valued.

In services, arts, politics, and business, we often rely on the name of the person and expertise. If you are the owner of the company, then your image becomes an element of its brand. Right image will significantly increase the competitiveness of all your business projects.

Budget savings

If you want your opinion to be taken into account, services to be expensive and the best specialists to work for you, you need to develop a personal brand. It is cheaper to develop personal brand that a company one. It is ideal when the real people and their stories are behind the company. In the West the personal brand has long been one of the most efficient ways to promote a business.

Investors trust

The personal brand is a vaccine against investors distrust. You must admit that it is more safe to invest money if you know and trust the business owner. A project with a perfect idea and qualified team will not save the situation if the owner’s or top manager’s reputation does not inspire investors with confidence.

Reputation is fundamental

Reputation is a basis of personal brand. It is foundation of the image that need to be properly developed and sold to make business more successful.

To develop personal brand, you need to start working with reputation. It is extremely important for audit firms’ executives, as in audit reputation is the cornerstone. How to make a name?


Although social networks are the mainstream of today, good old websites work no worse, especially when it comes to the difficult task of promoting personal brand.

When it comes to big businesses, use a corporate site to strengthen your personal brand position -run a personal blog, publish interesting articles, provide expert opinions and comments in the events relating to your professional activity.

Private entrepreneurs or self-employed auditors can create a personal site. Fill it with useful information, professional advice, clients’ feedbacks and recommendations. When visiting your site, people must immediately understand what you do and what is your field of expertise.

Social networks

Your page on social networks is your face. Be active, consistent. Each post must be thoughtful, easy to read and memorize. Avoid posts which can draw controversy. Remember, it is inappropriate for an auditor to comment on political events, express attitudes towards famous people, share details of personal life. Restraint is your motto.

Update your photos on regular basis, follow the tags and comments below your posts.

Don’t close the opportunity to comment your posts, as you will lose both interactivity and the general involvement of the audience. It is better to learn to respond nicely and thoughtfully to the criticism.


Write articles to professional magazines, give interviews, express your opinion in case of journalistic inquiries. Yes, it takes a lot of time. But writing professional articles rains the brain, strengthens the ability to think logically and at the same time out of the box, adds confidence. Find an opportunity to do that.

If you feel up to you can write professional books and manuals. Share your knowledge and experience – others need it.


Running a YouTube or Telegram channel is what you must start doing right now to develop your brand and be up-to-date. It works. Moreover, videoblog with a large number of subscribers is one of the ways to monetize the process by selling ads. It is not as complicated as it might seem. The key thing is interesting content and unusual presentation of information.

Public events

Speeches at conferences, seminars are prerequisites for strengthening personal brand. Chose events not only with a large audience but also with a good reputation. Prepare carefully for the speech, possible questions, work on your public speaking skills.