Cloud technologies came into our professional life of accounting and auditing. What are the benefits they provide for day-to-day work with documents and data? Let’s take our example the most popular cloud service - Office 365.

Competition in the market of audit services every year becomes more acute. That is why the audit firms focus on the quality of their services, because it is a guarantee of successful activity, maintenance of current clients as well as new affiliations. What components are included in the quality of audit services – in the following

As it is known, the Law of Ukraine “On Audit of Financial Statements and Audit Activities” of December 21, 2017, No. 2258-VIII came into force on February 7, 2018 (hereinafter - the Law on Audit), which is intended to fundamentally reform our professional activities

The international profession-oriented press calls auditors to pay attention to the latest technology. Indeed, the future of each profession lies in it today, and auditing is no exception

Last year was one of the most successful for audit and accounting firms, as the world saw an increase in their income. However, in order to be on the crest of success, audit firms must not only understand the current needs of clients, but also to predict the future ones. Let’s consider what services will be in demand soon.

As it is known, the rotation of an auditor serving a particular company is mandatory in Europe and in the world. This rule is intended to strengthen the independence of the auditor, to better protect the interests of the investor, to improve the quality of the audit and in general to revitalize the market. However, not all countries agree with it

Active discussion among scientists, teachers, practitioners, regulators and representatives of professional organizations on the professional education of accountants and auditors, which took place at the round table devoted to conceptual approaches to the implementation of the strategy for reforming of public finance management system in Ukraine

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