2020 has made significant adjustments in the work of enterprises, organizations, departments and public institutions. The Chamber of Auditors and Accountants of Ukraine (CAAU, Union) is no exception. The new conditions forced to quickly adapt to them, master the methods of remote working and reconsider the priorities of activities. And although it is quite difficult to plan in the conditions of total uncertainty that the whole world has faced, CAAU has outlined the goals for 2021.

Goal 1. Continue to contribute to the improvement of the accounting and auditing system

In 2020, successful steps were taken in this direction in cooperation with the Audit Chamber of Ukraine, the Public Audit Oversight Body, the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine and international professional organizations. During the year, despite the pandemic, work continued to promote the widespread application of international professional standards through access to training materials and mentoring by the best accounting and audit experts. In 2021, CAAU representatives will continue to participate in regulating the profession, improving certification programs and the knowledge of accountants and auditors, and bringing the profession to a qualitatively higher level.

Goal 2. Deepen trust in the profession and ensure fair competition in the market

Deepening trust in the results of accounting and auditing, raising the status of the profession are possible through the promotion and dissemination of information about it in society. Taking care of the professional development of specialists and encouraging them to acquire new knowledge, CAAU was providing extensive informational support to its members during the year. By providing useful information, the Union works to remove artificial barriers to professional activity. This, in turn, increases the competitiveness of domestic professionals by improving the quality of services and their compliance with international standards.

The main goal for the next year is to provide an effective mechanism for monitoring the compliance of CAAU members with professional and ethical requirements. The Union constantly monitors the market of auditing and accounting services in order to identify cases of unfair competition and help restore transparency in the market.

Goal 3. Raise the professional level of accountants and auditors

Creating a system of professional education for accountants and auditors as representatives of a single profession is always CAAU’s priority, because it provides opportunities for continuous improvement of knowledge and training of specialists. To implement the planned, there is constant methodological, informational and consulting support for CAAU members, professional periodicals and educational publications are issued, and the search for platforms for professional communications continues. This area of ​​work will be relevant in 2021.

Goal 4. Integrate into the international professional community

The goal for 2021 is to cooperate with the International Federation of Accountants (IFAC) in order to implement the world's best professional practices and protect the interests of CAAU members. Active interaction with IFAC will allow to maintain a professional dialogue with international experts in the field of accounting and auditing, share experiences with professionals from other countries and implementing numerous international projects.

Oleksandr Boiko, President of the Chamber of Auditors and Accountants of Ukraine

“Having met the challenges of the previous year with dignity, we are confidently looking in the next year. We outlined the goals of professional activity, drew up a route that we will follow, a road map for routine.

I am convinced that we will be able to implement our plans during the year, because we are united by a common idea, we are professional and inspired, go side by side with our members, the number of which is growing every year.”