The Chamber of Auditors and Accountants of Ukraine (CAAU, union) became a media partner of a large-scale anti-fraud event – the VIII International Conference “ANTI-FRAUD IN THE DIGITAL WORLD”. The members of the union took part in the conference on a partnership basis and were able to join the discussion of business risks and possible ways to prevent them.

The conference was held on September 9 in Kyiv, and an online broadcast was available for everyone in Ukraine and abroad.

The program of the event included three thematic sessions and an online cross-dialogue, where all members of the profession could share the experience and valuable cases of their anti-fraud companies.

Among the thematic blocks are:

  • VISION SESSION: “Anti-fraud trends in the digital world”
  • TECHNOLOGICAL SESSION “Technologies for minimizing the risks of fraud and theft in business”
  • EXPERIENCE SESSION “Internal fraud. Building an effective control environment”
  • ONLINE-CROSS-DIALOGUE “International experience in fraud management”.

Each participant of the event received not only valuable experience and the opportunity to exchange views in a professional circle, but also useful contacts for further work for the development of their companies.

Following the conference, all delegates were credited with seven hours of professional training and issued the appropriate certificates.