Accountants and auditors celebrate their professional holiday together for the second year in a row. In order to celebrate this event and discuss the main professional achievements and market trends, the Audit Public Oversight Board of Ukraine (APOBU) with the support of the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, the World Bank and the EU initiated a large-scale celebration for representatives of the accounting profession. Leading professional non-governmental organizations, which provided organizational and financial support to the event, joined the event.

The Chamber of Auditors and Accountants of Ukraine (CAAU) took an active part in this event, in particular, provided 23 members of the organization, and contributed three annual subscriptions to the affiliate publication for the audit profession – “Auditor of Ukraine” magazine to the prize pool.

Eight professional organizations were among the participants of the event, including the Audit Chamber of Ukraine, the Federation of Professional Accountants and Auditors of Ukraine, the Association of Auditors of Ukraine, the Union of Tax Advisers of Ukraine, the All-Ukrainian Accounting Club “Balans” and portal for business.

The celebration program provides for greetings from the event organizers – the Government, the Parliament, as well as the World Bank and representatives of the European Union. The representatives of all public organizations – participants of the event will be able to express their greetings to the entire professional community. Communication in an informal atmosphere, musical accompaniment, prize drawing and delicious treat in the circle of colleagues and friends are waiting for the guests of the holiday.

Celebration on the occasion of the Day of Accountant and Auditor is held on July 16, 2019 in Kyiv, in the Reception House for Official Delegations at address: Mykhailo Hrushevskyi, Str., 22.

The event starts at 16:00.

Oleksandr Boiko, President of the Chamber of Auditors and Accountants of Ukraine

A joint celebration of a professional holiday is an important unifying factor for a professional community. Such a celebration will give an opportunity to sum up the interim results of the activity and outline new directions of movement, as well as to celebrate joint achievements in an informal atmosphere. We are pleased to join this large-scale event, which will once again emphasize the importance of the profession for business development and the country as a whole.

Olena Kharlamova, Vice-President of NGO “The Chamber of Auditors and Accountants of Ukraine” (CAAU) and Rector of “International Academy of Certification Accountants and Auditors” Private Institution of Higher Education, once again will take part in a professional event for representatives of the accounting profession and will speak as a lecturer of the festive seminar organized by the All-Ukrainian NGO “Association of Taxpayers of Ukraine” (NGO ATU) on the eve of the Day of Accountant and Auditor.

The relevant today transformation of reporting in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards will be the lecture topic – Accounting Standards & IFRS: Main Differences and Organizational Aspects of Transition”.

The main task of the event is to pay attention to current business issues and to find ways to prevent potential risks.

Among other speakers are Andrii Kravchenko, Head of the project “CONTRAGENT”, Hlib Pakharenko, Head of “Pacurity” company, Yosyp Buchynskyi, Vice-chairman of NGO ATU, Head of the Legal Association “Yar.VAL”, Serhii Rohoznyi, FPAAU Board Member, Head of the Committee on Issues Finance and Budgeting of FPAAU, Larysa Vrublevska, Head of Accounting Practice and Tax Accounting and Transfer Pricing of the International Legal Center “EUKOM”, Ivan Lavrytskyi, acting Director of the Department for Monitoring Risk Transactions of the SFS of Ukraine, and Iryna Bilotil, Head of the Methodology Department and clarifying the tax legislation of the NGO ATU.

The seminar will be held on July 15 in Kyiv, in “Kozatskyi” hotel (hall No. 3, second floor) at the address: Mykhailivska Str., 1/3.

Participants Registration starts at 9:40.

Participation is free of charge for taxpayers – members of the ATU.

More information at ATU website.

The Chamber of Auditors and Accountants of Ukraine (CAAU) will act as a partner for a professional workshop for representatives of the accounting profession on the occasion of the Day of Accountant and Auditor.

Accountants and auditors will celebrate their professional holiday together for the second consecutive year on July 16.

The organizer of the event was the newspaper “Vse pro bukhhalterskyi oblik”, which initiated the celebration of the Day of Accountant according to Ukrainian custom with the support of partners. In the event program includes practical and entertaining parts – a professional seminar with the participation of speakers and individual consultations, as well as a show program reflecting the national culture. Among the seminar speakers are Serhii Drobotia, Tax Consultant Expert, Volodymyr Kovalchuk, Specialist in Consumer Rights Protection in Disputes with Governmental Organizations, Liudmyla Shakhno, International Certified Accounting Practitioner, CIPA, Director of the Academy of Professional Accountant, Roman Hershtun, Founder of ProCRM, Business Analyst, Expert on automation and implementation of CRM (ERP) systems.

The event is aimed at bringing together representatives of the profession and sharing valuable practical experience. It will take place on July 16 in Kyiv at the Center for Culture and Development at the following address: Dehtiarivska Str., 49. Don’t miss the opportunity to register:

Professional auditors and accountants, who are not indifferent to the profession, became members of Non-Government Organization “Chamber of Auditors and Accountants of Ukraine” (CAAU, NGO). As of the beginning of June 2019, the number of CAAU members reached 389 people. At present, the union has more than 320 active members – certified auditors, more than 30 valid members – professional accountants, as well as valid members – legal entities and associated members – individuals. Number of those willing to join the professional community grows every day.

Membership in the NGO opens new opportunities for professional development, access to professional information and latest news about audit and accounting. It is open to all and offers many advantages.

Each CAAU member receives:

  • ability to communicate with colleagues and share experiences;
  • constant informational support;
  • protection of professional interests;
  • involvement in interesting projects, including international ones;
  • discount for participation in seminars, webinars, roundtables, conferences and other events of the NGO partner – the International Academy of Certification of Accountants and Auditors;
  • participation in internship programs for expanding and deepening professional experience;
  • weekly newsletter in the world of accounting and auditing;
  • discount for publications for audit professionals – “Auditor of Ukraine” magazine and other pleasant bonuses.

Membership in the NGO is free of charge at the stage of its development and formation, since the CAAU aims to unite in its composition auditors and accountants ready to make their intellectual contribution to the profession development that is not measured by any currency of the world.

The Chamber of Auditors and Accountants of Ukraine is open to all representatives of the professional community – both for individuals and legal entities. The main criteria for joining the NGO are the proper level of professionalism, the desire to work for the profession development and recognition of its achievements at the international level.

It is easy to join CAAU NGO. This requires only two steps:

  1. Submit application for membership by filling out the form posted on website (separately for individual and legal entity).
  2. Fill in the form (separately for individual and legal entity).

The NGO Council makes a decision concerning membership acquisition. Not later than a month after receipt of the indicated documents, a responsible person – CAAU representative will contact the applicant and notify him/her the decision on the membership acquisition.

Join the best profession representatives and contribute to its development.

“The Chamber of Auditors and Accountants of Ukraine” Non-Governmental Organization (CAAU NGO) for the second time acted as an organizational partner and sponsor of the All-Ukrainian Student Competition on the discipline “Management Accounting” among the students of institutions of higher education of III-IV levels of accreditation, thus contributing to maximizing the creative potential of young specialists in the name of prosperity of the state and profession.

On the basis of the National Technical University “Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute” (NTU KHPI), it is held the second stage of the Competition for the second year in a row. The stage consists of two rounds. The first round (test tasks) was aimed at determining the level of knowledge of competitors on the theory of managerial accounting. The second round (situational tasks) was associated with the solution of tasks that envisaged verification of students’ mastering of the algorithm solving typical problems of managerial accounting.

The knowledge was evaluated by the jury members, who were the accounting experts of the leading institutions of higher education in Ukraine.

The winners received prizes – an annual subscription to the electronic version of “Auditor of Ukraine” magazine, money certificate for participation in the webinars of CAAU and a set of International standards of auditing.

NTU KHPI administration expressed their gratitude to Oleksandr Boiko, CAAU NGO President, President of De Visu group, and to Olena Kharlamova, CAAU NGO Vice President, rector of the PHEI “The International Academy of Certification of Accountants and Auditors” for sponsorship and organizational support in conducting the second stage of the All-Ukrainian Student Competition on the discipline “Management Accounting” and promoting the professional development of new generation of accounting and auditing specialists.

On May 18, 2019, a congress of auditors of Ukraine took place in Kyiv. 848 delegates from all over Ukraine attended the event. The personal participation was not mandatory in the event this time. The Audit Chamber of Ukraine (ACU) allowed the auditors to delegate their votes in writing.

Among the many issues discussed at the event, the election of the head of the Audit Quality Control Committee and the determination of the size of membership fees for 2019 for the members of the ACU, auditors and audit firms, became the most resonant.

Oleksandr Kuzub and Oksana Tsarenko competed for the position of the head of the Audit Quality Control Committee. Oksana Tsarenko, a full member of the Chamber of Auditors and Accountants of Ukraine, was elected by secret ballot.

As for the membership fees, which should be paid from now on by the members of the ACU, auditors and audit firms, the congress decided the following.

Individual members of the Audit Chamber of Ukraine, that is, auditors will pay annually a contribution of 25% of the minimum wage (in 2019 – UAH 1 043) to the ACU.

Membership fee for audit firms will be determined depending on the presence (absence) of the right to conduct mandatory audit and mandatory audit of financial statements of enterprises of public interest.

Thus, the annual membership fee for audit firms that are not entitled to carry out mandatory audit and mandatory audit of financial statements of enterprises of public interest (section two of the Register of Auditors) will be equal to one minimum wage, established on January 1 of the current year (in 2019 – UAH 4 173).

The membership fee for auditor firms authorized to conduct a mandatory audit, in addition to the mandatory audit of financial statements of enterprises of public interest (section three of the Register of Auditors) will be in the amount of three minimum wages (in 2019 – UAH 12 519).

Audit firms, listed in the fourth section of the Register of Auditors entitled to work with companies of public interest, will pay an amount equal to four minimum wages (in 2019 – UAH 16 692).

The Chamber of Auditors and Accountants of Ukraine (CAAU) acted as an information partner of the 10th anniversary forum “Corruption and corporate fraud: methods of counteraction and compliance strategy”. Anti-fraud event of such a large scale, level of content and composition of participants was held in Ukraine for the first time.

It is already the 10th forum that brings together representatives of different companies both in scale of business and in the field of economic security, internal control and audit, compliance, prevention of corruption and fraud, risk management and financial management.

A wide range of problems faced by virtually all firms almost every day was discussed at the event.

The forum program consisted of three parallel streams, each of which included conferences, seminars and master classes. The practitioners from Ukraine, France, Israel and Austria spoke there. This year, more than 30 invited speakers took part in the event who shared their own anti-fraud experience and about 300 delegates who sought answers to important questions about how to identify and prevent internal and external threats to business in practice.

The forum began with a panel discussion on anti-corruption in Ukraine and its further perspectives. In particular, the speakers focused on changing the landscape-risk in Ukraine and the world and the most threatened risks.

The first session of the forum divided the event participants into two streams and was devoted to the strategic partnership of control services and the practice of investigations and anti-corruption in Ukraine.

The second session divided the forum into three streams: reviewing the practice of investigations and anti-fraud, on internal control and economic security, and on anti-corruption compliance tools and technologies. Representatives of large companies were able to share their experiences in building a process for preventing corporate fraud and methods of reducing human risk, and delegates to leverage their companies with effective methods to counteract the most common threats.

The third session of the forum was devoted to practical cases of how to protect business from threats in the digital age, to build effective internal control and system of economic security, as well as effective tools and technologies for anti-corruption compliances.

The panel discussion on the development of the control function in 2019 concluded the event. The discussion summed up the forum, set out the emphasis and set necessary vectors for companies seeking to protect themselves from potential internal and external threats, and build an effective strategic partnership of control services, personnel and top management in one line of defense.

The project provides for the conduction of course of introductory and training webinars on the practical XBRL application, the publication of subject-matter informational materials, public involvement to the online-forum in question-and-answer format and many other events.

New project “XBRL Navigator in Ukraine” is aimed at helping all the companies to cope with the transition to submit electronic statements in IFRS-taxonomy in the unified electronic format, which should report in such a way according to the requirements of the Law of Ukraine “On Accounting and Financial Reporting in Ukraine”.

“XBRL Navigator in Ukraine” webinar course will consist of accounting and in-depth (technical) modules.

The project involves national and international experts in IFRS, XBRL taxonomy specialists with many years of experience in developing legal acts on accounting and financial reporting and their implementation, participants in US and EU technical assistance working groups on the implementation of XBRL as a reporting standard for financial sector of Ukraine, co-authors of Ukrainian translation and developers of the extended version of IFRS-taxonomy, the teaching staff of IACAA.

The project start is planned for March 21, 2019. It will be opened by “XBRL Navigator in Ukraine” free introductory webinar on the implementation of the XBRL standard, which changes the reporting mechanism in Ukraine.

Key issues of the open webinar:

  • XBRL review as a standard of business reporting;
  • international experience and best XBRL practices;
  • XBRL status in Ukraine and what companies reporting under IFRS should wait;
  • mechanism of functioning of the unified Financial Reporting System (FRS) etc.

In particular, the audience will learn of the difference of the base and extended IFRS taxonomy, how to work with them, what XBRL software exist. Each participant of the webinar will be able to ask a question to the speakers and get answers from the best experts.

Olena Kharlamova, Vice-president of the Chamber of Auditors and Accountants of Ukraine

The participation in “XBRL Navigator in Ukraine” project in real-time webinar format is the unique opportunity in a short time to get the maximum information in a convenient format from expert practitioners and exchange experience. By joining the project, participants will get an understanding of the processes of electronic collection and processing of XBRL-based reporting data, will be able to assess the readiness of their own technical platform for exchange with the unified Financial Reporting System, familiarize themselves with the software tools for working with IFRS-taxonomy, the creation and validation of their own XBRL reports and best practices for transition to XBRL.

Be the first! Please, join the professional cohort and get expert reviews from leading experts in Ukraine and the world.

During the reporting campaign, financial institutions reporting to Natskomfinposluh (the State Commission for Regulation of Financial Services Markets of Ukraine) face with problematic work situations related to the preparation and reporting. A special webinar organized by Natskomfinposluh with the support of the International Academy of Certification of Accountants and Auditors is aimed at receiving answers to all the urgent questions from the very regulator, minimize the number of errors and improve the quality of financial reporting. The webinar will be held from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. on February 1, 2019.