The United Nations Environmental Protection (UNEP) and leading Chinese supplier of financial online services Ant Financial Services Group released non-standard private-public program aimed at stimulation of the development of digital technology in the financial sector to ensure environmental needs of society.

It will be easier for companies by means of the program to assess the risks of conducting activities for the environment, their own ability for environmental protection, make decisions on doing business and careful attitude to nature.

It should be recalled that the activities of UNEP envisages implementation of various projects related to issues of the Earth’s atmosphere and marine and terrestrial ecosystems. Also, this program plays a significant role in the development of international conventions in the field of ecology and environmental protection, and cooperates with governmental authorities around the world and non-governmental international organizations. In addition, UNEP is a sponsor of “green” projects and contributes to their effective implementation.

The sphere of UNEP activities also includes the development of recommendations and international agreements on issues such as potentially harmful chemicals, transboundary air pollution and pollution of waterway international channels.