Artificial intelligence (AI) must be ethical. Finance professionals need to help establish necessary connections between AI and its relationship to environmental, social and governance (ESG) dimension. This is stated in the study Ethics for sustainable AI adoption, conducted by ACCA and CA ANZ.

More than 5,700 accountancy profession respondents across 21 countries took part in the survey.

Key findings from the research show that:

  • 66% believe that for their leaders prioritize ethics as highly as profits;
  • 64% of finance professionals believe the impact of AI on overall standard of living in society is positive, but only half of them (32%) are convinced that its impact on the level of equality is positive;
  • 43% of respondents believe that AI has a positive impact on their rights as an individual, such as safety and personal security, as well as freedom of choice;
  • 31% are aware of AI use in their industry;
  • 48% have a basic understanding of ​​how an AI algorithms work.