According to experts, in the next five years, the design attributes of almost every successful company will be a project approach to business and the use of data-driven solutions, machine learning and artificial intelligence, as well as modern methods of communication and continuous monitoring of staff efficiency. The capability to change quickly in the face of constant digitalization is the main competitive advantage that should be taken into account. Therefore, it is not surprising that most companies are undergoing a digital transformation of business, due to the growing popularity of new technologies and understanding of their benefits.

Each company collects data differently, uses different technologies in its work and relies on certain skills of employees. But there are general recommendations that are suitable for the transformation of any business.

Building the transformation team

Usually, the transformation team must include the head of the company, the HR director and the head of the IT department or chief technical officer, as well as other representatives of top management. Together, they must carry out serious preparatory work, without which any initiatives in change management do not make sense.

Developing development strategy

Top management teams need to reach a consensus on further business development.

Updating model concept

When there is an awareness of what your company should be, the next step is to describe what the team should be like in that case. To do this, determine what competencies employees will need in order for the company to have critical opportunities for its development and corporate values ​​that meet such principles of work.

Detecting and eliminating gaps

To make the transition from the current state to the desired one, it is necessary to identify and eliminate gaps in the organizational capabilities of the company and the competencies of team members.

Implementing software solutions

It is critical for firms seeking to provide quality services today to take advantage of high-tech solutions by incorporating them into their day-to-day practice.