Staff turnover in the audit firms is a fairly widespread phenomenon. However, Marcel Schwantes, the founder of Leadership From the Core, has been investigating for a long time the most common causes for the dismissals of employees from different companies.

According to numerous studies conducted by Marcel Schwantes, people dismiss, if their employer does not recognize their unique abilities. Managers often do not see the strengths and talents of their subordinates, concentrating only on their official duties. At the same time, good managers try to establish friendly relationships with employees, find out what works best for them, and help them to discover their potential.

The common reason for dismissals is also the inability of the management to establish communication with their team. Studies show that employees who constantly communicate with management are three times better involved in the workflow than those who are ignored by the management.

Unwillingness to share information is one of the main causes of staff turnover. Managers believe that employees are not worthy to know what’s going on in the company. In such a way as it seems to them, they strengthen their power. However, in reality, this leads to distrust and reluctance to work.

In order to keep the staff, the management should not try to manage the team manually. Every employee must be aware of his/her own responsibility and have the freedom to make decisions within his/her competence. In addition, each team member should listen to the opinion of the team, and especially if there are changes in the company.

“People dismissed for various reasons, however, if the situation is clarified, then the manager is most often guilty of this. Most mistakes that lead to dismiss of subordinates can be avoided if the manager has the necessary skills. Obviously, some bosses simply can not cope with the management, because they are lack of either knowledge or talent” - Marcel Schwantes summarizes.