According to most experts, in the near future, services related to the introduction of latest technologies in companies’ business processes will become more in-demand among the clients of audit firms.

Today global technology giants combine their efforts with consultants, offering business the best solutions. For example, now it is already possible to fully automate the business process of both a small company and a giant corporation with Microsoft software products. Such opportunities will grow year by year. Consultants need to learn how to choose the best market technology offerings (there will be a lot of them), combine them and provide the customer with truly effective business solutions.

Speaking about the efficiency of work and reliable data storage, then cloud technologies will help the business, and they will radically change our world soon. The most complex transaction will be performed at a lightning speed, and the company can be managed in the mode of remote access.

The possibility of application of artificial intelligence in the work will be expanded. However, consultants will be needed in order to implement such innovative solutions in the daily life of the company. The same situation is with the robotization of business processes. Some experts believe that certain specialists, in particular accountants, will be replaced by robots in ten years. It is said that they will perform the work better and more accurately than humans. Will this be real or not is quite complicated question. However, it is impossible to do without the support and assistance of consultants in order to make robotization to bring only benefit to business.

The development of information technology has not only advantages but also disadvantages. Thus, the issue of information security eventually will become increasingly acute. We are already faced with problems that may be caused by weaknesses in information security systems. It is anticipated that powerful departments of information security will operate in the structure of audit firms in some time. These departments together with the auditors will offer customers the mechanisms of information security and counteraction to cyber threats.