Today, auditing and accounting firms both in Ukraine and abroad offer their clients to maintain accounting, preparation of payroll and financial reporting, that is, outsourcing of the functions of the accounting service. Such services are highly demanded, as most companies prefer to focus on core activities and business development, and they entrust professionals with issues related to accounting, payroll, reporting, etc.

According to most experts, outsourcing will continue developing. Increasingly more functions, such as personnel recruitment, payroll, office maintenance, sales, marketing, database maintenance and storage, accounting transactions will be transferred to external consultants. However, outsourcing will be completely different. Due to the active use of cloud solutions, the client will be aware of all events and will closely monitor the work of an outsourcing company. The cloud solutions will help the companies - providers of such services to serve ten times more customers than can be done by doing the work in traditional ways.

It should be said that many clients will need consultants who will have the perfect cloud-based technology and give advice in different situations. So today, it is necessary to deal with these issues in order to sell your knowledge and skills in the future.