In the UK losses from financial thefts over the past 15 years have increased by 538% and amounted to 2.11 billion pounds in 2017. This is stated in the study of BDO audit firm, which purpose is to find out the scope and peculiarities of financial crimes in the corporate sector of the Foggy Albion.

Most financial thefts are recorded in the UK financial services market. The total loss in this sector was £ 899.7 million last year. Other branches of the economy also suffer from financial crimes, but to a lesser extent.

If to talk about geography of thefts, then financial crimes mostly made in London, as well as in the south and west of the country. 176 violations were detected in these regions over the past year.

The most common type of financial crimes are thefts committed by employees of companies (153 cases in 2017), and tax manipulations that allow businesses to save on tax liabilities (134 cases). Interestingly, the statistics of thefts by internal staff every year grow worse, but tax crimes set a course for a systematic decline.

The authors of the study emphasize that one of the most common causes of corporate theft is ordinary human greed, followed by excitement and difficult financial situation of the thief caused mainly by excessive number of credits.